Five Proven Effective Hitchhiking Tips

Hitchhiking isn’t as popular as it was used to with the advent of vehicle services on mobile applications and improvement of public transportation. But when you find yourself walking on the road with miles to go in the middle of nowhere, hitchhiking might be your best option. Here are several tips to make hitchhiking easier.

Hitchhike From Gas Stations Near You

You would always want to be an area where there are lights, and people are around. Gas stations are a safe place to hitchhike since there might be cameras within the vicinity. So try to hitch from drivers who get their cars filled-up in gas stations and pick someone who looks trustworthy.

Create A Signage

For you to be spotted by passing cars, creating signage is effective. Furthermore, you could indicate where you are going so that the driver can determine if he could offer you a ride.

Try To Wait In Places Where Cars Need To Slow Down

It’s not only you that needs to be wary of the people you ride with. Drivers would also need to assess which strangers they should allow inside their cars. To help them evaluate you better, stay in places where cars need to slow down. This way, they will be able to see your face and overall appearance.

Stay in Spots Where Cars Can Easily Pull Aside

Drivers don’t want to cause a scene and create traffic jams. To rid them of the burden of having to look for viable spots to pull aside, take the initiative of waiting in calm roads.

Don’t Forget To Smile

A friendly face helps in getting the drivers to trust you. Since you are requesting a favor, a smile or two wouldn’t hurt. Smiling helps keep people at ease and remove any feelings of hostilities.

Although no longer as effective as before, knowing how to hitchhike will get you out of unforeseen troubles in the future. So try to learn the proper ways of hitchhiking and be prepared for possible emergencies.

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