Tentsile Connect Tree: All-in-one Hiking Solution for All Seasons

If you are bored with the thrill that typical tent and hiking hammock bring, then you must try the Tentsile Connect Tree Tent now. This all-in-one hiking tent will surely make your vacay off the city fun and exciting.

Quick Specs Analysis of the Revolutionized Hiking Tent

  1. Dual Purpose. The advantage of this tent is that you can use this both as a mere tent or a hiking hammock. Either of the two usages, you are more than secured since this item is oversized and could cover several people (as long as the accumulated weight is within the tolerable limit).
  2. Instagram-friendly. With its ‘catchy’ and intricate designs, this tent is perfect for your Instagram feeds. Your followers will surely envy by the royal feeling you’ll get once you are held up high with the tent’s hammock feature. 
  3. Tough Built. If you are going to use this item to cover you from too much heat, rain, or snow, you will get the utmost satisfaction. On the other hand, if you want to use this to relax a few feet above the ground, it is also best. This is because the flysheet material used in the Tentsile Connect Tree Tent is super tough and could endure any drastic climate shift.
  4. Multiple Sizes. This superb tent comes in various sizes, so there’s no reason why there’s a member of the gang that will be left uncovered. You can pick the solo if you want to wander on your own. There is also a perfect size for couples, and for five persons or more, you can take the Trilogy Super Tent.

Indeed, this revolutionized tent (plus hammock feature) will cover every hiker’s need. You don’t have to worry on sudden climate shifts and the imminent threats of voracious predators while you are in the forest. As long as you got the Tentsile Connect Tree Tent in your backpack, you are safe enough!

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