October 22, 2015

Vision is Vital

A few weeks ago, I sat down with a business owner. He was sharply dressed and his business reputation proceeded him. According to public opinion, he was a success. But after a few minutes, his polished professionalism started to fade. What I saw was exhaustion . . . and hopelessness.

I began to casually ask about his day, about his clients, about his business. The money was rolling in. Woohoo! He had the corner office and the staff and the big client base. So where was the swagger? Where was the aura of “I made it”?

The truth was he never saw his family. The truth was stress had stolen his appetite. The truth was his business had become his master. I asked him a question that seemed to take his breath away: What do you want your day to look like?

His answer: I want to have breakfast with my children instead of leaving the house before they wake. I want to watch a movie with my wife in the evening instead of staying at the office until dark. I want to play basketball with my friends on Saturday instead of wooing a new client.

How had he worked so hard to get somewhere he didn’t want to be? Simple: utter lack of vision. When you have no vision for where you’re headed it’s easy to substitute the accumulation of money for true success.

So now that you know what not having a vision can cause, how do you get one? Like all things of value, a clear vision is usually difficult to curate. It requires shedding layers of rubbish in the form of other people’s expectations, societies messages, marketing jargon.

mental landscape

At Pixels In My Pocket, we believe clarity of vision provides a mental landscape by which you navigate life. It’s not a list of things you want to acquire or numbers in a bank account. It is a realistic projection based on what you’re willing to do today, and everyday, to reach the outcome.

There are many significant areas of consideration when crafting your vision. Here are a few:

  1. Family needs – How old will your children be in 3-5 years? What will that stage of life require of you? What about your aging parents? Will they need your care or support? Will your spouse be in the same career or doing something else?
  2. Location – Do you want to be location independent? What about your living situation (new home, downsizing to free up funds, etc)?  Are there resources you need proximity to in order to build your business?
  3. Employees/Team – Will you be a solopreneur or build a team? What positions would you like to create and fill? Could these be virtual positions?
  4. Retirement – What are your retirement goals? Will you be contributing along the way or plan to sell your business to fund retirement?
  5. Company Scale – How large would you like your business to grow? Can you personally sustain a large expansion?

Considering some of these areas will help you map out the steps to reaching your vision. We are skilled at whittling grand dreams into practical, achievable futures.  If you’d like guidance in identifying your authentic vision, contact us to schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation.