November 3, 2015

The Point of Business

This seems super obvious to me, but maybe it isn’t to everyone so I’ll put it out there. The point of business is to provide a service or product your particular community needs and is seeking. It’s a simple balanced equation. People need something. You make it. Serving a need that exists is the surefire way to grow a magnetic business.

Imagine you’ve lost something that’s important to you (think keys, phone, favorite necklace). You miss it and want it back, but you just can’t find it. Then some wonderful person comes along and says, “Hey, here’s your (insert long lost thing).” You’re full of gratitude and excitement. You appreciate that person for solving your problem and supplying what you needed.

The tangible connection generated at that moment is your target customer experience.

So if you feel like you’re not getting any traction with building your business, there could be a lot of issues at play but the first question to ask yourself is this: does anyone actually want this thing I’m making or this service I’m providing? You should be able to answer that with an indignant “heck yes”! If not, stop wasting your time and everyone else’s. The last thing this world needs is another crappy perfume or useless widget.

Do something that has a purpose. Make something that evokes an experience.

This isn’t rocket science. Commerce has been around since the beginning of organized civilization. The basics haven’t changed. To succeed, you must focus on giving what is needed. Now when I say needed I don’t mean an actual necessity. Very few things in life are vital for survival. In reality, a brand or robust website are not an absolute necessity. But they are tools that can skyrocket you toward your goals.

If you’re struggling to figure out if your product/service is necessary, ask your people. If you don’t have an established audience yet, ask friends, family, the guy next to in the checkout line. Find a clear, concise way to describe what you want to make and then talk about it … constantly. Watch for the reaction. If someone gets excited about the idea or can immediately think of someone they know who would love it, you’re golden. However, if your listener’s eyes glaze over or they look befuddled, it’s not looking good for you.


The first thing we do with our clients is to walk them through the Brand Identity phase of the Pixels Process. We talk about the Story behind your business, your Vision for the future, the Ideal Customer you serve, and the benefit of your Products and Services. Frequently, this process reveals to our clients that they aren’t actually selling what they thought they were. Yes, they offer a handmade mug, gourmet doggy treat, electrical services or some other tangible thing. But the current that flows underneath each of their transactions is very different. It’s the desire for a memorable gift. Needing to trust the person working in their home.

The need behind the transaction is a connection. And that’s the point of business.