October 21, 2015

Run your Biz Like a Boss

If you’re still under the delusion that running your own business is all about freedom and working from coffee shops, let me warn you of a spoiler alert: entrepreneurship is a marathon with extreme highs and disappointing lows. If you want to survive this wild ride, you need to run your business like a boss. Here’s how:

Know YOU are in charge.

At Pixels In My Pocket, we talk a lot about keeping your finger on the pulse of your community. Knowing your customer’s needs is vital to growing your biz. But being in tuned to this need is not the same as letting someone else captain your ship.

Every day you have to choose to be in charge and make the hard choices. The success or failure of your biz is on your shoulders. If you take on a bad client or accept too little money for your product/service, it’s on you. Blaming others is a waste of time and keeps you from learning the hard lessons.

You are a FINITE resource.

Bosses know to only do what only they can do. Everything else gets delegated. Time is your most valuable resource. Be diligent about how you spend it.

If you don’t have a team (yet), you still know other humans, right? Barter your services for someone who will take on time sucking tasks. Enlist your spouse/roommate/children to partner with you. A simple chore chart with a reward like screen time, a movie, or trip to the local ice cream shop can galvanize little ones to get on board. Stoke that entrepreneurial fire and pay them cash!

OWN the space your business occupies.

Wanna start your own business? Well, you better be prepared to own the space it occupies. Wake up every day and tell yourself that no one can serve your community the way you do . . .  then back that up with action. Believing fully in the value of your contribution magnetizes your business. Customers don’t question your pricing (which is fair) or the benefits of your products (which are awesome). Buying from you is a foregone conclusion because you’re a category of one.


magnetize your business

Acknowledge, respect, and STUDY your competition.

To succeed in this crowded, noisy world you must identify your competition. Ignore anyone who seems to be succeeding but uses sleazy methods. Dial in to the businesses that resonate deeply with their audiences. Follow them on social media. Subscribe to their newsletters. Study them like you’re getting a degree in their success. Then apply what you can in your own way.

RISK failure.

History proves that you have to fail tons of times to succeed once. Be smart about what you do but realize that this is a journey. Sometimes you have to jump off the cliff to know if there’s a net below. When you crash, look at the broken pieces. Sometimes unexpected beauty lies in the wreckage.

If you’re struggling with having a boss mindset, let us help you. We’d love to schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation to get your head in the game. Let’s chat.