Promotion is the strategy of connecting businesses with their audience in authentic, organic ways.

After working diligently to cultivate your Brand Identity and Develop your Platform, we’re ready to broadcast your business through Promotion.

Promotion Magnetizes your Businesse

If you’ve forged ahead with building a business of your own, chances are you love to talk about it with anyone who will listen. Now that you have a gorgeous Brand Identity and a strategic Platform, you’re ready to share the word. This is where promotion comes in.

We get really creative in orchestrating opportunities for our clients to showcase their products and expertise. We research your community and niche, discovery areas where you can be of service, and introduce you to organizations that can help you grow. Here are a few of the resources we utilize:

Print Collateral

Businesses will continually need flyers, brochures, business cards, pamphlets, letterhead and other print products. Print collateral will always be an integral component to promoting one’s business. Potential clients love to walk away with a business card or a brochure, something tangible to remind them to contact you. And current customers appreciate receiving correspondence on properly designed letterhead and envelopes. At Pixels, we work with our clients to ensure print collateral is visually appealing and uniquely you. 


Whether reading online or in print, many people continue to use newspaper articles and press releases as their primary source of information, so it’s important that your business is connected to your local press sources. The Pixels team can assist you in researching news outlets in your area and our experienced content creators can write press releases and newspaper articles to promote your business as well as any upcoming events. 

Event Strategy

We at Pixels thrive off working with local-centric businesses, businesses deeply rooted and committed to those in their community. Community-driven businesses often host events throughout the year to attract new customers, support a local cause or thank existing customers. We’ve helped numerous clients with event strategy and event planning because we know that at the end of the day, a business’s success is all about people and what better way to meet and thank community members than to host a fun and creative event?

Our strategy for promoting your business will be as unique as the community you live in and the business you run. We’ll develop strategies to match trending topics, seasons, holidays and any other area of interest for your audience. 

Ready to promote your business?

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