Your Platform is made up of all the avenues through which you connect with your ideal customer.

After nailing down your Brand Identity, we’ll develop a strategically unique Platform that targets your audience in an authentic, sustainable way.

Our Philosophy on Platforms

In order to showcase the Brand Identity you worked so hard to cultivate, your business needs a solid Platform. 

We believe in creating cohesive, consistent Platforms using every tool available to magnetize your business and engage your audience.  Once we’ve learned who and where your customers are, we can select the Platform components that will specifically target them. 


Needing a website to build your business is a foregone conclusion in this business era. However, a trip around the internet will quickly reveal that many businesses are missing the mark with their digital home. Often, this is the result of using a template which negates a memorable user experience. All of our websites are custom built from the ground up. We consider many elements when crafting your web presence. Here are a few:

  • Will your site need to have e-Commerce functionality or would a portfolio do the job?
  • Will you need a membership or wholesale area?
  • Is there someone on your team who can craft content for a blog?

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Social Media

Social Media can be a powerful tool for creating robust, intimate connections with your customers. It can also be a huge waste of time and money. The Customer Avatar developed during your Brand Identity process is your greatest asset in making sure your social media strategy is effective and successful. Depending on your niche, your audience will be concentrated on certain social media channels. Don’t waste time and money trying to reach them through avenues they don’t use. We’ll help you connect and engage in the right places.

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Customer Connection

Here’s a sobering statistic for you: it costs five times more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain one. So, once you get people to support your business, how are you going to keep them? This question underpins all we do when building your platform. We pull out all the stops to create a seamless, consistent connection to the audience you work so hard to build. Here are some of the tools we utilize:

  • eNewsletter sign up fields on your site and consistent brand design in your newsletter to target the inbox.
  • strategically crafted autoresponse emails generated with every contact form submission
  • social sharing features on your website and all correspondence for ease of expanding your audience

As part of each custom platform development, we orchestrate subtle, engaging moves to move your potential clients toward brand evangelism.

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