Magnetize your business by knowing and showing your Brand Identity.

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Brand Identity

The Pixels Process is anchored by the core belief that knowing your Brand Identity leads to decisive, targeted, results-producing action. Feelings of ease and clarity flow from your decisions.

Conversely, not knowing your Brand Identity leads to unfocused use of time, wasted money, and no traction. If you’re experiencing any of these struggles, you probably have a Brand Identiy crisis and taking the time to get clear on your identity is the only way to avoid these issues.

Warning: delving in to your Brand Identity and clearing away all the clutter and noise is often one of the most challenging commitments you’ll make in building your business. But it’s SO worth it.

The way we view Identity at Pixels In My Pocket has percolated throughout our 5 years in business. Your Brand Identity is a composite of these 5 components:

Part 1: Your Story

We spend a great deal of time extricating each of our clients stories. It starts over a cup of coffee or tea (via Skype or in person). Your story is what separates you from everyone else seemingly offering what you offer. It includes your core values, your driving motivation, your strengths and struggles. In short, it’s your vibe that will attract your tribe.

Behind every business is a gritty emotional adventure that propels you to your current situation. So what’s your story?

Part 2: Your Vision

Vision is more than a fantasy of what could be. Tapping into your vision lends laser-focus to deciding when an opportunity is worth the time or money or when to walk away. It also allows you to plan your actions for the next week, month, year in a targeted way in order to reach a destination.

It’s our goal to support you in growing your business. But this requires knowing where your business needs to expand and reach. Creating a Vision Statement provides a compass for you to know when to say “heck yes” or “no thanks” to the opportunities that come your way when your business is magnetic.

Part 3: Your Ideal Customer

Picture the last time you felt in sync with a customer. You had what they needed and what you offered would solve a problem. That connection is the indication of an Ideal Customer. This person doesn’t need convincing to become a brand evangelist. They’ve been looking for you and what you do. It takes so much less time and money to convert your Ideal Customer.

In building your Brand Identity, we spend a lot of time examining the characteristics of your future brand evangelists. What are they really seeking? How do they want to feel when using your goods? Where do they hang out? The more you know about this person, the more targeted your Identity can be.

Part 4: Your Products / Services

What differentiates you from others in your niche? What makes your product or service more reliable, cost-effective and convenient? Why would someone choose your products or services over others?

Part 5: Your Visual Identity

This component is intentionally the last one. Many business owners jump to developing a logo before anything else. Interestingly, the visual identity should be the last step in the process. The entire universe will see your visual identity, so before we can create it, you must have a solid grasp on the first four aspects. The logo does not define your business. Your business defines your logo. Once you’ve nailed down parts 1-4,  your Visual Identity is the final step to presenting a choesive, consistent brand and building a magnetic business

Story Deliverables:

  • Thorough Relationship Session(s) to delve in to your goals, style and unique strengths
  • Discovery of Core Values and creation of Manifesto to share what matters most to you
  • Vision Statement that provides your compass for decisions and growth
  • Customer Avatar to focus business promotion
  • Assertion of Product Benefit and Differentiation of other products in niche
  • Custom, concise Tagline connecting your product to the reason a customer should buy from you
  • Creative Brief for alignment in creation of visual identity
  • Complete Brand Board with colors, typography and graphics to rock your vibe
  • 3 Logo Concepts with promotion strategies

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