December 15, 2015

Fear is Part of the Journey

facing fear

We’re all walking different paths in life. Some experiences are universal, as are some storylines. Very few people grow up saying, “I aspire to mediocrity. I want to spend my life doing trivial things.” So how is it that many of us end up on the bland path of playing it safe without meaning to do so?

I’m sure they’re lots of reasons, but I believe fear is at the root. Fear drives us to choose mediocrity over becoming a bright supernova. Creating products and services born from our own hearts and hands is similar to standing in an open field with a metal rod during a lightning storm. It’s a vulnerable, exhilarating venture.

Our world is one of mass production and mass media. Often we are force fed messages we didn’t choose; offered products we don’t want or need. So with all these loud voices screaming at us to buy this and want that, our own inner compass can become stifled.

And in the middle of that noise is the fear that others won’t see value in our contribution. Criticism and rejection are an inevitable part of creation. Having your work torn apart elicits pain and self-doubt. So in a feat of self-preservation, we tamp down our dreams and begin the slide into an average life.

But here’s the thing: you can’t ignore the other voice forever. The one saying “this is what you’re meant to do.” Eventually, it begins to scream just as loudly as the fear. And you have to move. You have to step out on the ledge and look over the edge into the possibilities that lay on the other side.

So being afraid is part of the journey. Fear will always be there as will joy and the blossoming of your spirit. At Pixels In My Pocket, we know that a person living on purpose is the most magnetic force of all. We work hard to distill our clients identities in an effort to provide clarity and confidence around the fact that being you is a precious, infinitely rare thing.

facing fear

In his amazing book The War of Art, Steven Pressfield says, “don’t cheat the world of your contribution. Give it what you’ve got.” I’ll never forget the first time I read that quote. I was a fledgling business owner. Mired in doubt and fear, I wondered what this former costume designer, former teacher could contribute. I’ve always been driven to create, to bring forth something new. But to build a business? What credentials did I have? Stephen Pressfield flipped my fear on its head. I owed the world my passion, my intuitive way of seeing how small businesses fit into the world.

And so Pixels In My Pocket was born, in the face of my fear and insecurity.

What about you? How long will you continue to cheat the world of what you have to give? The very best news of all is that you don’t have to do it alone. We’ve walked alongside many aspiring entrepreneurs as they stepped into their purpose. Tell us how we can help you face your fears and give the world what you’ve got!