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Love & Honest Advice from a Professional Photographer

Collaborating with like-minded professionals is one of entrepreneurship’s greatest perks. And building a magnetic business centered on your core values attracts amazing partnerships, as well as dream clients. One such collaboration for me has been with Asheville-based professional photographer Ashley Ruzich of Ashley Ruzich Photography. Engaging photography is vital for product […]

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4 Keys to Healthy Client Boundaries

Boundaries are the backbone to any healthy relationship whether we’re talking about business, friendship, parenting, or romance. Over the 8 years I’ve been an entrepreneur, boundaries have often been the bane of my existence. Most of us, if not 100%, start off charging too little and being abused by crappy clients. […]

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Does Bounce Rate Matter on New Websites?

We recently launched a website for Milima Ranch, a private getaway in Western North Carolina. The new website is clean and engaging, evoking the peaceful experience staying on the property provides. A week or so after launch, we received an email from our client with an analytics question. As part of […]

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Action Trumps Fear

Fear is a topic I talk, think and write about a lot. It’s my kryptonite (though disappointment is a challenge for me, as well). I’m battle worn when it comes to facing fear. Watching my 6-year-old little man trump his own fears during a recent snowstorm armed me with a new […]

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Fear is Part of the Journey

facing fear

We’re all walking different paths in life. Some experiences are universal, as are some storylines. Very few people grow up saying, “I aspire to mediocrity. I want to spend my life doing trivial things.” So how is it that many of us end up on the bland path of playing […]

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The Point of Business

This seems super obvious to me, but maybe it isn’t to everyone so I’ll put it out there. The point of business is to provide a service or product your particular community needs and is seeking. It’s a simple balanced equation. People need something. You make it. Serving a need […]

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Vision is Vital

A few weeks ago, I sat down with a business owner. He was sharply dressed and his business reputation proceeded him. According to public opinion, he was a success. But after a few minutes, his polished professionalism started to fade. What I saw was exhaustion . . . and hopelessness. […]

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Run your Biz Like a Boss

If you’re still under the delusion that running your own business is all about freedom and working from coffee shops, let me warn you of a spoiler alert: entrepreneurship is a marathon with extreme highs and disappointing lows. If you want to survive this wild ride, you need to run your […]

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