January 23, 2016

Action Trumps Fear

Fear is a topic I talk, think and write about a lot. It’s my kryptonite (though disappointment is a challenge for me, as well). I’m battle worn when it comes to facing fear. Watching my 6-year-old little man trump his own fears during a recent snowstorm armed me with a new weapon in this fight.

Cole is quite a contradiction, equal parts fearless and timid, adventurous and conservative. As the snow piled up, he bounced from one window to the next. But then the sleds came out. Strapping on our snow gear, Cole campaigned to just stay inside. He was anxious and restless. I’ve learned that it’s best just to stay quiet when he’s navigating trepidation. So, I let him hang back as we careened and flipped our way down the hill.

At one point, I looked up to see Cole standing alone at the top. Mama instincts screamed that missing out on this would make him feel small and isolated. So, I trudged up the incline and told him to get in on the action. Nestling him into my long sled, I ignored his protests and sent us flying. Snow filled my face and all was white and whooshing sounds around us. He loved it. The moment we started to glide downward, slipping over the cushion of snow, his fear evaporated. It was a confidence building, joy inducing, family uniting moment that started with stepping into the sled.

Fear is insidious and paralyzing. But you are never without the power to act and trump fear. As Steven Pressfield asserts, “This very moment, we can change our lives. There never was a moment, and never will be, when we are without the power to alter our destiny.” Steep yourself in that knowledge.

If you’re feeling stuck, I challenge you to do this: stand up right now, roll your shoulders back, and speak your next step out loud. Write the sentence. Sing the song. Make the call. Lace up the sneakers. Whatever next step moves you toward your dreams and away from the lure of fear, do that right now. I’d love to dig into your next step with you. Seriously, no strings attached. Let’s just do a little dream visioning together. Hit me up and we’ll make a date to stir up some business mojo.